Saturday, August 27, 2005

I've moved back!

Well, hopefully not permanently, but we've had some of those oh-so-comical technical difficulties. We get more of those than the average bloggers because we're ambitious and we run our own server. And when I say "we're ambitious" I mean of course that Greg's ambitious, and when I say "we run our own server," I mean that Greg runs it and I -- after finding out that it wasn't actually going to serve me anything -- lost interest and went and made cookies.

Shame on me for still knowing so little about the technological wonderland that surrounds us. But shame on Greg for knowing nearly everything and still thinking he could speak perfect Unix. Because as I understand it, the reason that my blog and the other five or six that we host went bye-bye is because when he typed a certain command, he inserted one space that wasn't supposed to be there, and zing! without any of those "Do you really want me to [do whatever stupid thing you accidentally asked it to do], you carbon-based clotpoll?" messages that we simple Mac- and PC-users have come to love, it went right ahead and erased the entire directory.

So I'm a lowly again for a while. I'll miss posting pictures and whatnot, but other than that, I'll probably survive. I still think this is the curse of having announced my one-year blogoversary. Oooo, creepy.