Thursday, January 13, 2005

This 'n that

Things of interest ... to me, at any rate:

* Fergie -- probably voted America's Favorite Royal and England's Least Favorite Royal -- says we should give Prince Harry a break over the swastika thing. I agree, though it's always amazing to me that public figures who live their lives in a really brightly lit goldfish bowl will show these enormous lapses of judgment. But there doesn't seem to be any reason to think that Harry really identifies with the neo-Nazis, so ... move along, folks. Nothing to see here. Just a prince in a bad costume.

* They think they've found Leonardo da Vinci's studio. I'm with this blogger -- I'm not sure that the discovery tells us anything new about da Vinci, but it does offer a place of pilgrimage for the newly enraptured. Such is da Vinci's star status these days. (sigh) Well, I try to remember that Leo didn't have anything to do with writing that stupid book.

* On a related note, seeing a Raphael exhibit made me think about the Big Three of the Renaissance and how they seemed to personify such different stereotypes of the artistic temprament (all of this IMHO, as if that needed to be said.):

-- DaVinci: the Renaissance man, if ever there was one. Painter, inventor, architect, botanist, engineer, blah blah blah. His reputation probably doesn't have quite as much to do with his paintings as with himself. Art seems to have been just an excuse for more exploration, information and expression. (In this piece, you can almost see him having this intense dialogue with the precise qualities of women's hair, rather than just finishing the sketch.)
-- Raphael: the pretty boy. Talented, artistic, good at parties ... but with delicate features and fine sensibilities. Of the three, his real estate value is probably the lowest now, since everyone associates him with the cliche of sweet-faced pink Madonna and Child art. But he was one who helped make it a cliche, and probably would have taken it to a higher level if he hadn't died at age 37. Still, he managed to give us the newest over-exposed art detail to hit the kitsch market.
-- Michelangelo: tortured loner. Unlike daVinci, art was his reason for being; unlike Raphael, you couldn't take him anywhere and not tick someone off. Does it give you just an idea of how messed up he was that the image of St. Bartholemew's flayed skin in the Sistine Chapel Last Judgment was a self-portrait? He lived to be an amazing 89 years old but never married, giving modern sophists plenty of opportunity to speculate that he was gay.

* And speaking of outing historic figures, there's a new book coming out arguing that Lincoln was bi-sexual. Oy vey. For all I know he was. But since he didn't pen a document to that effect in front of witnesses -- or perhaps put on a questionable demonstration -- I don't see how anyone could say for sure (nor am I quite sure I understand what difference it makes). Like the Gay Michelangelo Theory, it gets tossed out as historical fact and any resistance is deemed homophobia. As if it were only possible for heterosexuals to have bias.

* Well ... crap. I guess I have to watch Barbara Walters interview George Bush. But land! I can't watch Barbara's interviews. I don't know which is worse -- her widiculously distwacting speech impediment or her phony "I'm so damn sincere I could die" expression. Actually, I think it would guarantee higher ratings if they let it leak that he was going to let her get three questions in and then break an egg right on her forehead. C'mon, you KNOW you'd want to see that. I bet you'd get a whole different expression for once.


Blogger seraphim/seattle said...

you are hilarious. first time to your blog. thx for the extended comments at i'll be linking to yours and checking regularly.

)( s

January 13, 2005 at 5:00 PM  
Blogger Grace said...

Thanks so much. I think I'm the Twinkie in the Ortho-blog Smorgasbord, but whatever.

I have to insert my usual apology for not having a link list. I've been working on a new version of the blog and that'll have all the Right Stuff. But for now, I'm just keeping a list. But you'll be on it, now and ever ;-)

January 13, 2005 at 5:21 PM  

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