Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Election night kibbles and bits

So at 10pm Central Time, we don't know who the winner is, but the loser is definitely ... the polls.

Good riddance. I sometimes make wild guesses about complex issues just based on my own anecdotal evidence and personal feelings (VERY bad habit. Shows a lack of breeding), and my wild guess for years has been that the more you poll people, the less accurate the results get. People start reacting to poll numbers as if they're real, and changing their opinion -- or saying they're changing their opinion -- from a lot of emotional reasons that don't have bearing on the final result.

And if I'm totally wrong about that, here's my back-up scientific premise: I'm sick of polls. Knowing a whole lot about what a poll said is only one step up from having a lengthy interview with the psychic lady with the bad Jamaican accent.


So what about other victory stuff? Well, too early to call at this point. The surprises right now are that New Hampshire is even close (did they secede from New England and forget to tell anyone?) and that Missouri was closer than expected. So considering that the Kerry guys pulled all their ads weeks ago figuring they'd lost Missouri, you can bet there are ritual head noogies being administered over that one.

I'm enough of a simp to be looking at one of the online maps and trying to see how numbers could work. California just went to Kerry (little cries of pure shock fill the nightime skies) which means he's up in electoral votes for the first time in hours. But Florida seems like it's going to go Bush, and so ... whoops, in the time it took me to type that Bush picked up Arizona and I think Idaho, and so now he's ahead 207-197, and he's at about 51-48 for popular vote. So this particular reporter is thinking (a) Bush will win and (b) it's not too late to make marshmallow rice krispie treats if I get on with it. But I might be wrong about (a).


So what'll they be talking about tomorrow?
* Gay marriage measures -- not much to talk about other than what we already knew. The American people are largely opposed to the idea of women marrying women and men marrying men. Thank the good Lord for whatever modicum of common sense we still possess. Let's just hope that judges in Ohio, Kentucky and the rest don't overrule.
* Wrong polls, bad polls, polls you can't take ANYwhere -- I'm already seeing the rumblings of this in the blog world as I heard it on Fox news.
* George Clooney's dad isn't going to be a Congressman in Kentucky -- Darn. Bet he's cute. But Democrat. But -- you know -- cute.
* Voting nonsense -- Supposedly new electronic voting machines in Pennsylvania with thousands of votes already in them? Thousands of absentee ballots in Florida that never arrived? And a pool of registered voters here in Missouri that was reported once as being higher than the available population? Hoo boy. It makes you wonder whether these shenanigans always went on or whether a lot of new trick-or-treaters are out for the first time. Anyway, for once I agree with the experts I heard on MSNBC. If the margins of victory are so wide that the goofs don't matter, the stories probably won't have much of a head of steam. And, of course, if none of them plays into minority paranoia about being disenfranchised.
* My marshmallow rice krispie treats -- they always win the popular vote. Ha. Threw that in just because it's late and I'm punchy.

G'night, fellow Ortho-bloggers. Remember, in church I'm friends with people on both sides of the aisle. :-)


Blogger E Rica said...

owing a whole lot about what a poll said is only one step up from having a lengthy interview with the psychic lady with the bad Jamaican accent.


November 2, 2004 at 11:49 PM  
Blogger Grace said...

Hey, glad to have kept you laughing. So what did you think of that? Pretty crazy election night. Not nearly as disturbing as the 2000 one, but still pretty intense.

November 3, 2004 at 9:42 AM  
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