Monday, October 18, 2004

Bush's religious beliefs

The problem I'm having these days with mainstream media (MSM) (or legacy media, as a wise man calls it) is that they seem to move like the Borg on to a point and then report on it for a while as if it was they were responding to the Clarion Call of the People, rather than following their own edicts about what's going on.

The recent case in point is the respective religious beliefs of Bush and Kerry and what it will mean in the election and the presidency to follow. (Don't you love when these guys paint with a broad brush like this? What the heck do they know about what it will mean for the next four years -- but, hey, it'll sell a boatload of newspapers today!!). Here at the House of Grace, we get three newspapers for reasons that deserve their own blog entry, and last Saturday all three of them were sporting this same story with editorials and news analysis as well. It was as if Bush had answered an altar call and Kerry had gotten, um, Catholicized (sorry, don't know the routine) on the road on Friday.

I suppose some of the reason that that all the MSM awoke to the fact that we are on the verge of electing actual Christians (or professing Christians, if you choose to remain skeptical) is because Kerry made a thing out of it at the third debate. I'm guessing that somebody told him it would be a good idea, but the same guy probably told him that bringing up Dick Cheney's daughter would be good for a laugh. Because it just confused the Christian conservatives ("Fred, did Kerry just say something about God?" "Can't be. Must be getting sound from TBN again."), but it horrified Kerry's base.

This is already old news, but worth bringing up just because the Always Great James Lilek delved into the phenomenon with this story in the NYT from an economist who says, among other things:
“Just in the past few months, I think a light has gone off for people who’ve spent time up close to Bush: that this instinct he’s always talking about is this sort of weird, Messianic idea of what he thinks God has told him to do.”

Bush: And what'll we do tomorrow, God?
God: The same thing we do every day, George -- plan to take over the world! (Something for the Pinky fans).

Nothing new in the MSM's view of Christians as dangerous and weird, but I thought James got to a very incisive point with his answer to the charge that Bush's rampant zeal (yeah, right -- the guy prays) is the reason that he wants to kill all the terrorists:

I guess Bush wants to kill them all because his religious beliefs make him disinclined to be persuaded, and extreme in his convictions. Ergo agnostics want to kill only some terrorists, and atheists don’t want to kill any? Look. The problem some people have with Bush isn’t that he believes in God, it’s that he really believes in God. To a certain stratum of our intelligentsia, you’re supposed to believe in God like you believe in continental drift, or the tides, or the yearly reappearance of Shamrock Shakes at McDonald’s. The idea that it’s a two-way conversation strikes many as nonsense, proof that we’re dealing with someone two steps removed from worshipping the moon.

Yep. That's the way it gets reported. As if a president who really reads the Bible instead of just taking it along to photo ops is the scariest thing imaginable. And it's not. The scariest thing imaginable is that all the Borg will decide that the next big story is Teresa Heinz-Kerry's baby pictures. Do you think she ever had irises in her eyes, or were they always solid black like that? It's too creepy for words. I'm never buying ketchup again.

If you didn't like that part of Lileks' Daily Bleat, how about this priceless hint for the director of "The Day After Tomorrow"?

You remember that scene where the guys in the Scottish station are sitting around pounding the Balvenie, knowing they're going to die, and one of the guys is talking about never seeing his son grow up as if he's describing a lottery ticket he lost six years ago that may or may not have had the winning numbers? Bookmark that scene should you ever wake in the middle of the night wondering "do I suck, completely?"


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