Friday, October 01, 2004

Best of blogs - day-after version

Since I seem to be having trouble getting any work done today, the least I can do is save others some complicated mouse-clicks and lift some good quotes about the debates.

In this online article of New Republic, Martin Perez talks about his problem with Kerry's presentation of the facts:
It's not just that he has exaggerated what has gone wrong in Iraq. His entire speech was premised on the assumption that there were European troops and Muslim troops and United Nations gendarmes who would have gone to war with us against Saddam had Bush only waited another few days, weeks, months in the spring of 2003. That is a lie.

Well, y'know, I was kind of wondering about that. Perusing the blogs of generally centrist people these days has made me think that many people have totally forgotten this or never got it in the first place.

James Lileks, who is one of the funniest writers in all of Blogland, wondered about all of these supposed allies that we should have been waiting around for, and finishes with a reminder of one of the great problems with this 20/20 hindsight:
Perhaps the “ally” is that big blue wobbly mass known as the UN, that paragon of moral clarity, that conscience of the globe. You want to really anger a UN official? Tow his car. Short of that you can get away with anything. (Sudan is on the human rights commission, to cite a prominent and amusing detail. It’s like putting Tony Soprano on the New Jersey Waste Management Regulation Board.) I don’t worry that the UN is angry with us. I’d be worried if they weren’t.

And finally, do I get some points for knowing that Kerry's Global Test would be pull-quote of the day? This from an e-mailer to Instapundit:

About that global test...
1) Is there an old copy of it floating around we can get our hands on?
2) Is it multiple choice or essay form?
3) Is the test written in French, German or English?
4) Who determines if we can retake the test?
5) Is it pass/fail or is it more like the SAT?


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