Tuesday, October 19, 2004

All Hallow's Eve

Do good Christians do the Halloween thing? It's a yearly fight at some of the churches I've been to.

Fr. Joseph has this excellent series of posts about it that includes an exchange that sound very familiar:

One of my coworkers came and asked me what I had against Halloween. I asked, "Why do we celebrate Christmas?" "Because of the birth of Christ," she said. "How 'bout Easter?" "Because of the Resurrection," she replied. I went on to ask about the Fourth of July and Thanksgiving. But when I asked, "Why do we celebrate Halloween?" -- she had no answer. It was obvious she'd never even considered the question. She ended up by saying, "Because it's fun."

Well, there it is. That's the biggest problem about it, even for Christians. And some aspects of it are definitely fun. And if I had a kid, I don't know that I could hold the line -- would they understand the point, or would they just think that being Orthodox meant that they didn't get to have any fun?

Perhaps it would be an innocent holiday, if we were an innocent people. I think the problem even for non-Christians is that whether they like it or not, they're living in the Church Age. Christ has come -- those who try to turn the clock back to the days when we didn't really know our God do so at their own peril. Almost impossible to convey to non-Christians accurately, of course. Since they imagine that there is no God, you must be saying such things because you are threatened or you are threatening. It can't be that you're just the messenger, otherwise they might have to consider the message.

Anyway, I'm spared such scenes as Fr. Joseph's because I have the good fortune to work at home. Sometimes I decorate the house a little for fall -- I'm willing to celebrate the beauty of God's ever-changing creation. But no skulls, gravestones, evil spirits and the rest. To put them in my house next to the icons of the Theotokos and St. Mary of Egypt is just asking for trouble, IMHO. ;-)


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