Monday, September 27, 2004

Music to my ears!

(sing with me now)

The glory of the Lord has shown on you,
Exult now, exult, and be glad, O Zion
Be radiant, O pure Theotokos,
In the resurrection,
The resurrection of your Son.

You got it, didn't you? It's from "The Angel Cried", the wonderful hymn that greets us at the Paschal service and stays with us like a merry angel all through the Paschal season.

Sorry to have started it in the middle like that, but I was actually typing the words as I was listening to it and singing along. It is what happened to be playing on Incarnation Broadcast Network when I went off to check it out, after Huw referred to it.

Come on, people now! Orthodox music, 24/7? Byzantine, Znamenny, etc -- it's not just for breakfast anymore.


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