Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Enough of the heterodoxy already

I meant the observations, comments and opinions on this blog to reflect both a positive and a negative side to things -- hence the name -- but I'm finding these days that the negative is taking precedent. That's what happens when we get to close to an election, I guess, especially one as hotly-contested as this one. But now I'm hoping that I can rise above it.

That's the overused phrase, isn't it? Rise above it? I don't think it quite works for an Orthodox believer, though. We talk of transcending the world, of elevated things. We sing the song of ascents, but implicit is always the understanding that we don't rise on our own power. At the times when we leave the pettiness, the strife, the evil of the world behind, it's because we drew away from it into a quiet place in ourselves, and found again that voice that says that this world is not all there is. That meeting doesn't just take all the bad things away from us like an extra-strength aspirin, and it doesn't happen without some effort. But as God is ever-merciful, I know that He won't ignore the plaintive cries of a sinful woman who is tired of adding her own voice to the rancor of being.


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