Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Dr. Bouteneff response

Here's Dr. Bouteneff's response on OrthodoxyToday.net

Actually, that really does clarify a couple points, most of all why he veered so far away from endorsing one candidate or another.

I think the only part of it that still rankles is the inclusion of gun-control as if the Orthodox were of one mind concerning it, and that somewhat fetid throwaway about the tax cut ("the beneficiaries of Bush’s economic and tax policies are shamefully obvious"). That one might be worth a separate post, if I don't just decide I'm tired of all this.

Have you noticed the burn-out spreading through the Orthodox blogs concerning politics? Yep, I feel it too. We have deeper bonds that keep us together than what color state we're in, but it seems that things we'd like to believe are commonly-held values amongst us all just aren't, forcing you to wonder whether you've lost perspective. I would still think it was worth if if there's anyone out there who just hadn't really thought it through, but it seems all we have left are hard-heads like me. So as far as the Ortho-blog Planet, we could hold the election today, right?


Blogger Matt said...

For me, I merely remembered, that Dr. Bouteneff and I serve the same King, and that this republic will someday be burned up. Do I want to fight with my brother (even if he is wrong) over something that won't exsist when our King returns?

September 30, 2004 at 11:41 PM  
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