Tuesday, September 28, 2004


Well, how long did it take to go from assurances from scientists that we would never clone human beings to this?

And here's the most chilling sentence:

Professor Wilmut has stressed that his team has no intention of producing cloned babies, and said the diseased embryos would be destroyed after experimentation.

What a relief, right?

(Political part coming up. Skip it if you're sick of all this.)

This post from Kevin asks why we should vote for Bush when abortion is still legal, and many of the commenters seem to feel the same.

Bush is only the man at the top of a system that relies on both houses, the judicial branch and the American people. How many people in this country do you think will have no problem at all with Professor Wilmut's statement just as expressed -- not going to produce and destroy babies, only embryos?

(Segue-way back into religion:)
We need to stop imitating the world's culture. Civil authorities are not saviors or magicians. It is the work of the Church to effect the sea-change of opinion necessary to really end the horror of abortion. We don't have the ear of Americans for a lot of reasons, but if this issue is that important to us, we have to keep trying anyway. Or if we're too tired and discouraged to try, we at least can keep from holding elected officials to unreal expectations we couldn't meet ourselves.


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