Thursday, August 12, 2004

Why I think Bush will win

Might as well get this out of the way right off the bat. It's what everyone seems to have on their mind these days. I'm a forty-something and I've never seen Americans occupied with an election as much as they are now.

So since I'm no pundit and have absolutely no credentials in this arena, I thought it was vital that I pop off on the subject like everyone else has. I think Bush will win, and I think it's just possible that he'll win by a significant margin.

It's may be just wishful thinking, because I admit that I would much rather that he win than Kerry. But I think that Bush will win because liberals have engaged in a level of hate-speak that offends many people. They have villified him completely and now use the kind of language and venom to talk about him that religious people save for what is truly evil. And because the liberals haven't made a very convincing case that their hatred is tied in with the perceived unfairness in the 2000 election or even with the current war, I think there are many people who will reject the acidic bile-spewing that the liberals call rhetoric, and with it reject the message and the candidate.

These are ugly times. The left has been making the term 'Christian conservative' an epithet for many years. I think like many I would like to ignore the invective from the left, choose not to be hated. But it's less possible than it used to be, and if Bush does win, liberals seem likely to explode into a new level of outrage and passion. In the long, long run, I think that conservatives will lose, as they've lost in almost every country but this one. But those times aren't quite here yet. I think there are many Americans that aren't Christian or conservative who just aren't ready to embrace this level of pure hatred.


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