Tuesday, August 31, 2004

First day of the GOP convention

Vile, terrible partisan shots directly at John Kerry coming up --> God bless America. We can win the war on terror. George Bush has been an inspiring leader in that fight. We'll never forget the men and women who were victims in the 9/11 attacks. We'll never stop thanking and admiring the men and women who voluntarily put their lives on the line to fight against a violent and evil enemy. Michael Moore is a chowderhead.

There! Now you've seen the first day of the GOP convention. Did you miss the shots at John Kerry? So did I, but we must not be trained journalistic professionals, because the headline today from an AP story was, "GOP fires opening salvo at Kerry." Yep, the media's not biased or anything, so the rest of us must just be stupid.

But I'm not going to let that get me in a bad mood today. When I watched the convention, I felt ... good. I felt proud. I felt humbled. I felt inspired. Not just by George W. Bush, though of course he's the Product all of this is packaging. But inspired by us, by Americans. We get accused the world over of singing our own praises, but last night I would just tell the world, "Go and do likewise." You must have legislators who can give speeches about what you're doing right for a change. You must have ordinary people who can bring you to tears just by telling about their struggles. You must have men and women in service who deserve to be lauded for the sacrifice they're making. Do it, and feel a warmth that doesn't come from a mere desire that your guy win and the other guy lose.

American liberalism has never been able to create that warmth. Do you get the impression that they're profoundly uneasy with the idea that men and women are laying down their lives for this country? When they say "We support the troops," I think they mean, "We support how that bastard put you in there under false pretences, and we will continually cut him to ribbons to prop you up and support you in every effort you make to revile him, hate everything and cut and run at the first opportunity."

I don't think that's because liberals are cowards; I think it's because they are overwhelmingly secular. Their belief system -- to use their own terminology -- doesn't include any weapon powerful enough to face down human self-interest (or even face up to it, interestingly enough). Liberals consider the Judeo-Christian God to be outdated and hold Christianity in contempt, and so they've cut themselves off from the only thing that can really strengthen them for the entire fight of this world, not just the battles they'd like to pick.

Conservative sand liberals seem to be looking at each other across a widening chasm. We hardly speak the same language any more. We Christian conservatives think we're saying, "We know an eternal and loving God -- come and be nourished by Him," and they hear, "We have a terrifying superstition -- come over here so we can force it on you and make you stop doing everything fun." Liberals think they're saying, "We want to empower all people to make a world where there is no more oppression or poverty -- join us," and we hear, "We want to crush the infrastructure that has held civilization together so far and put up ice cream castles in its place -- come over here so we free you from the shackles of decency, self-restraint and faithfulness."


Blogger Grace said...

All right, I've got to do a comment on myself -- how pathetic is that? But I heard some radio commentary, and it seems that I didn't listen to enough of Giuiani's speech. He *did* take some shots at Kerry for his flip-flopping, so I retract the statement that the press are completely out of whack there. I still maintain that it was not the main thrust of the entire evening.

August 31, 2004 at 2:46 PM  
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